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Stock Registry

General information

   If you store your widgets in systematic, this application helps to find quickly the wanted items.


    It is a little and fast application for search in your database. If you will use it often put it to StartUp folder. There is on the system tray in minimized state. Click on icon to open search window.
  • Write at least two letters to input field and press [Enter] or 'Search!' button. If it found any items you can see them in table.
  • If you want to modify quantity of needed item, jump to search result with [TAB], select item with arrows and press [ENTER] or click double on selected item.

The application saves automatically before quit:
  • (modified) data;
  • size of search window;
  • position of search window;
  • status of table grid (on/off).

   It is a very simple spreadsheet application. You can create and modify datafile of application with it. Do not run it, when StReg is active.

   Programs have made on Lazarus IDE, and compiled by FreePascal compiler. These applications have tested on FreeBSD 10.3, Debian 8, OpenSUSE 13.2, Slackware 14.1 and Windows 8.1 operation systems.

   You can redistribute this software and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL 3.0 or later.


StReg StReg StReg StReg


name version OS arch. type note
source package v0.3     tar.gz  
installer package v0.3 Debian GNU/Linux i386 deb  
installer package v0.3 OpenSUSE Linux i586 rpm  
installer package v0.3 Slackware Linux i586 txz  
binary package v0.3 Linux i586 bin self-extractor/-installer
binary package v0.3 Linux i586 tar.gz portable
port v0.3 FreeBSD   shar  
installer package v0.3 FreeBSD i586 txz  
installer package v0.3 Windows i586 exe  
installer package v0.3 Windows i586 msi  
binary package v0.3 Windows i586 zip portable

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