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Electrontube pin-out

Eight channels LPT I/O port

General information

   This tool is an eight channels I/O interface unit. Originally, I have made it for a computer controlled equipment (to control it via paralel port).
   This equipment has got settable equipment ID, eight read/write selector outputs, 8 bit input and output lines. They are non-protected and TTL level lines.
   The handler programme is useable on DOS. If you haven't got an installed DOS, use bootable disc image in the file. This image contains minimal FreeDOS and handler programme.
The handler programme has made on Turbo Pascal v5.5 IDE.

   You can modify and distribute it freely (freeware). You can redistribute FreeDOS and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL 3.0 or later.

    I will not maintain it, it is the final version of this programme.


There is the documentation of the hardware in file. Click for details: LPTIO - hardware




content version dos source
telepítő csomag LPTIO v0.1 ZIP ZIP
name version OS arch. type note
binary package v0.1 FreeDOS i386 zip with source code
binary package v0.1 FreeDOS i386 zip floppy image

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