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CPS - Camera picture storage

General information

   You can build a cheap picture storage for your security cameras from a linux distribution and this scripts. It store pictures and delete it on end of storing time. It does not require special maintenance.


a. Users and access:
  local login SSH login FTP login
root + + -
camera - - upload/*/ (Read/Write)
operator - - storage/*/*/*/ (Read-only)

b. Upload
    Use 'camera' user for upload pictures. This user have read/write permission for all camera directories. Default number of cameras are four, upload directories: upload/camera1/ ... upload/camera4/.

c. Store and download
    Use 'operator' user for download pictures to your computer. This user have read-only permission for all camera directories. Default storing time are three days, storage directories: storage/camera1/DATE/HOUR/ .. storage/camera4/DATE/HOUR/. (E.g.: storage/camera1/16-04-11/10/ pictures of camera1 between 10.00-10.59 on 11/04/2016.)

  • Minimal Linux operation system (without X);
  • installed bash and crond;
  • installed sshd for remote administration;
  • installed proftpd for upload and view pictures.

   You can redistribute this software and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL 3.0 or later.


tartalom version linux
telepítő csomag CPS v0.1 TAR.GZ

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